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Designated Funds

The Society of Friends of Rivers Collegiate Institute

In 2006 the Society of Friends of RCI was formed during the 60’s reunion of former students. The sole purpose of the Society is to raise money to establish an annual scholarship for RCI graduates.

The scholarship is awarded to an RCI grad who will attend a post secondary institution (either a university, college or skills training centre) within two years of graduation. The parameters for selection rest heavily on teh graduate’s ervice to the community or community leadership/innovative activity or exceptional performance in some area of endeavour. (examples may include athletics, music, art, drama or something like pilot training.)

The scholarship is $1,000 which is currently made up of interest from the trust fund and is topped up by donations from generous RCI alumni members. It is the goal to have the fund become large enough to be self sustaining. At present the fund stands at $22,000.00 but because of current low interest rates more money is needed. Donors from all graduating years and/or families of RCI students or graduates or interested citizens are most welcome. All donations are income tax deductible.

To date the scholarships have been awarded to Odette Melvin 2007, Andrew Lepp 2008, Lindsay Carlisle 2009, Taryn Dyer 2010,Tamara Vander Velde 2011,Hope Wood 2012, Jeremy Bray 2013 and Josh Tait 2014.



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