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Types of Funds

If you wish to establish a fund at the Rivers and Area Community Foundation, you choose it’s name and decide how it will work to benefit the community and area. It may also be a tribute or memorial fund. This will depend on what you wish. Your fund will fall into one of the following categories:

Community Fund

This fund allows the Board of Directors to decide where the funds can be used most effectively in the ever changing needs of the community.

The Leonard and Gladys Burt Family Fund
The Leonard and Gladys Burt Fund was started by their family as a way to give back to the community that their parents and grandparents called home—a place where everyone spent hours and hours together doing community volunteering. This fund is unrestricted and may be used for any projects within the community and area. Read more about the fund on our History page.

Field of Interest Fund

A donor identifies an area of interest for the earnings to be directed. Each year the Board of Directors selects appropriate organizations and their projects to fulfill their wishes.

The Bill and Helen Sibbald Legacy Fund
The Bill and Helen Sibbald Legacy Fund directed towards agriculture, environment and fine arts will live on in perpetuity and continue their caring ways of helping others, to make our community a better place for all. Read more about the fund on our History page.

Designated Fund

A donor specifies  one or more charitable beneficiaries and each year the earnings are directed in accordance with the donor wishes. Adjustments can be made to maintain the donor’s intent should a specified charity change names, purpose or no longer be in existence. Bursaries are scholarship endowments that fall into the Designated Fund category.

The Society of Friends of Rivers Collegiate Institute
The Society of Friends of RCI Scholarship Fund was formed by former students and teachers to provide a scholarship to a student graduating from RCI who is continuing on to post-secondary education. Read more about the fund on our History page.

Donor Advised Fund

Grants are made in accordance with the donor’s wishes. The agreement can provide the general direction of the grant projects. The Foundation will provide the projects for the donor or their designate to select from for each year.

The Lorrie Dyer Memorial Fund

The Lorrie Dyer Memorial Fund is a lasting legacy to Lorrie’s commitment to her community and area. This fund is a donor advised fund and has Lorrie’s family advise which grant application fits with her wishes to support the areas of Music, Arts, Education and Sports. Read more about the fund on our History page.

The Alan and Donna Morken "Emergency Services" Fund
This fund is a lasting legacy to three public services (Police, Fire and Ambulance) organizations that Alan and Donna worked the most with, in their careers as Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officers. This is a Donor Advised Fund where Alan and Donna will advise which yearly grant applications for this fund from The Rivers Police Service, The Rivers Firefighters Association, and the Rivers Ambulance Service will be supported in the areas of “training and equipment.” Read more about the fund on our History page.

Each specific endowment fund will fit into one of the above categories.

Other Fund Options

Flow Through Fund

Flow through funds are non- permanent funds that the donor wishes to be passed through the Foundation to qualified charitable organizations. These funds are not invested and the entire amount may be dispersed at any time as specified by the donor. A Flow Through Fund accommodates those donors who wish to immediately impact their community and protect their anonymity for philanthropic work.



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