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Foundation Grant Assists Rivers Skating Club

Rivers Skating Club Synchro SkatersRivers Skating Club (formerly Learn to Skate) was formed in 2011 to offer skating instruction to children and youth in Rivers.  In 2015, the club joined the country-wide Skate Canada organization, in order to offer a higher level of instruction to the children participating in the program. Rivers Skating Club now offers a diverse range of programs including CanSkate (learn to skate program), Star Skate (figure skating program), Synchro Skating (synchronized skating) and Power Skating.  The first three programs mentioned run every Thursday from 4:00-6:15pm at the Riverdale Community Centre. Power Skating ran before Christmas on Sundays from 12-1pm but is wrapped up now for the season.  This year the Rivers Skating Club has 61 skaters registered in its programs.  The club is led by a volunteer Board of Directors,  two Skate Canada instructors from Brandon, Tyler and Larissa Luptak, as well as many on-ice parent and student volunteers.  Our goal as an organization is to provide fun, safe, and certified skating instruction to the children participating in our program.

We are so thankful to the Rivers & Area Community Foundation for the grant they provided to the club in 2016, to help with the cost of badges, ribbons, and instruction. Skate Canada has specific guidelines for badges and ribbons that are used at every skating club across Canada. Can Skate has 6 levels that each culminate in a badge upon successful completion. Within each level are 3 ribbons which represent Balance, Control, and Agility. Power Skating and Star Skate programs also require badges for each level that is completed. With the help of the Rivers & Area Community Foundation, we are able to offer this great program locally in Rivers at an affordable cost to parents.

Another way we are trying to reduce the cost to parents is by fundraising. This year we are selling Reusable Snack Bags in three different sizes and many colourful designs. The company producing the bags is called Colibri Canada and is based out of St. Adolphe, MB. The large bags sell for $9 and the two smaller sizes are $8 each. If anyone is interested in ordering these bags please contact Megan Vandal at 204-328-5363 or see anyone with a skater in the program before February 28.

Rivers Skating Club is so proud to watch all of our skaters as they learn to improve their skating skills each and every week. This year in March, the synchro team, known as The Rivers Silver Jets, will be participating in their first competition in Dauphin. We invite everyone to come out to see our skaters show their skills as we present our Ice Show on Thursday, March 23, at Riverdale Community Centre.

This article was written by Corina Lepp.



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